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One of the most meaningful and important relationships you can have in your life is the one you share with your lover or romantic partner. We typically share ourselves emotionally and physically in a romantic relationship in ways that we never would in any other type of relationship. We tend to be more vulnerable with our lovers, and feel more intensely about them than we do most other people. This often leads to amazingly positive experiences that led us to fall in love with this person in the first place. However, when this person behaves in ways that are unexpected or hurtful, the intensity of our feelings can also work against us, leading us to lash out or retreat as ways to protect ourselves.


It is normal for romantic couples to experience conflict and hurt feelings, especially because most have allowed themselves to be close in a way that makes them more vulnerable to being hurt. Sometimes, however, conflict (or avoidance of conflict) can reach such a stage or go on for so long that the relationship begins to suffer. Individuals begin to see the other as no longer a supportive and loving partner, but instead as some type of enemy who is there to hurt, criticize, and attack them. If you and your partner have reached a place where your relationship is no longer what it once was, enrolling in couples counseling at the Salt Lake Relationship Center can help.


Our Salt Lake City couples counselors can support you in identifying problematic communication patterns (like blaming, criticizing and defensiveness), and replace them with new ones focused on listening and understanding. We can help you uncover and make sense of the underlying “back and forth” blaming pattern of your relationship, taking you out of a “stuck” place and moving you firmly into a situation where you feel more in control and have tools to do something positive and productive. The couples therapists in our Salt Lake City facility focus on customizing their approach to meet the needs of your relationship and your specific situation, making sure that both of you feel comfortable, understood, and integrated into the counseling process.
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