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We all long to connect deeply with those we care most about – to have that physical and emotional intimacy that makes us feel safe and happy.

But sometimes life’s jabs (both big and small) make it so HARD to communicate or be close. You feel unloved, shut down, hopeless, and before you know it, you find yourself in a teeny tiny box, walking around on eggshells.

Luckily, things don’t have to be this way… change is definitely possible!

We here at the Salt Lake Relationship Center have faith in your ability to live a meaningful life and have a loving relationship. We are dedicated to helping you learn the relationship and communication skills you need to:

  • Feel understood

  • Reduce conflict

  • Feel confident

  • Stop worrying

  • Trust each other

  • Fight fair

  • Focus on what REALLY matters

  • Increase intimacy

  • Have great sex

  • Increase respect

  • Reduce anger

  • Effectively express emotions

  • Feel loved

  • Spend quality time together

Above all, enjoy your life! (because really, what else matters?)

Are you ready to make some SERIOUS positive changes in your relationship?

Let's do this!

Schedule an appointment, contact us, or check out our different services below. We’re looking forward to talking with you!

Our Services

Man and Woman About to Kiss

Couples Counseling

We typically share ourselves emotionally and physically in romantic relationships in ways we never would in any other type of relationship….

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Man With Serious Emotions

Individual Counseling

The foundation for positive relationships with others is having a positive relationship with yourself, as understanding yourself and clearly

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Married Couple Sitting Close

Marriage Counseling

One of the most meaningful and important relationships you can have in your life is the one you share with your spouse, and when things go

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Family Enjoying Time Together

Relationship Counseling

Communication difficulty, misunderstanding, and conflict are problems faced in all types of human interactions, and we at the Salt Lake Relationship Center can help you navigate your way…

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Couple Walking Holding Hands

Relationship Program

We know that you are coming to us in pain. You have been through a lot. Cheating, abuse, divorce, anxiety, fighting, terrible communication

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Unhappy Couple Not Talking

Discernment Counseling

You have a long and meaningful history together, but things definitely aren’t good NOW. You’re getting to a place where you can’t take it anymore.

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