We believe your relationship is meaningful – it has depth to it. Even if you’ve been mired in conflict or distance for years, you’re here now because you want something REAL. We take this seriously and know you need more than a few simple tools or “communication skills” to get the job done.

A Relational Approach to Therapy

The type of therapy we do here at the Salt Lake Relationship Center is different because we teach you how to be your true self and be accepted by your partner while doing so.

So how does this work?

We first help you identify your desires and needs so you can communicate these openly and honestly. This involves digging deep to understand what really makes you think, feel, and behave the way you do. To do this you have to learn to sit with uncomfortable emotions and discover what you really value.

Simultaneously, we support you in safely and confidently talking with your partner, even if you are feeling scared, shameful, or worried about conflict. This is essential, because it is the ability to express our deepest thoughts and feelings that creates closeness and connection. This is what leads to deep love and meaningful relationships.

As you learn to bravely communicate WHO YOU REALLY ARE, something magical will happen. Your partner – who has been the source of so much pain – suddenly becomes your biggest cheerleader. It’s like you have formed a secret pact that only the two of you understand.

Now that your partner really understands you (and you him/her), the judgment, hurt, and criticism fade away…

Like the beginning of your relationship, you know again you are there for each other 100%. But now it’s different – and maybe even better. Instead of being attached at the hip, now you support each other to be your full selves even if you are doing different things, in different places, or with different people.

We take this approach to therapy because we know that when you are truly connected to yourself and deeply connected to others, your life becomes more meaningful. You stay engaged with the people and activities that really matter and let go of doing those things that aren’t important.

About Salt Lake Relationship Center

At the Salt Lake Relationship Center, we fundamentally believe in the healing power of relationships. This means your ability to interact positively with others (but especially those you care about) has a major influence on your mental health and overall life satisfaction. That is why this is our area of focus. We KNOW that if you feel more confident in your communication and boundaries with others, you will live a happier life.

We believe in your ability to live a meaningful life and have a loving relationship. We designed this place and our services specifically in a way to help you feel safe and comfortable enough to explore your feelings and connect with yourself and your partner in a way you never have before.

When we feel disconnected and unsupported by others, we are lost. This is a place to help you feel found. We look forward to the opportunity of supporting your journey of discovering a more meaningful life.