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Anxiety Counseling in Salt Lake City

Take Back Control and Rid Yourself of Worry

The Worry is Taking Over.

You’re living a life that is increasingly restricted. You avoid social situations, work assignments, or fun activities because they have the potential to make you worry. You HATE feeling out of control, so you make sure everything in your life is in its proper place: organized, structured, in order.

But inevitably, something (or someone) comes along and disrupts things. Your mind is plunged into a swirl of racing thoughts. You’re sure the “worst-case scenario” you’ve tried so hard to prepare for is coming true. And you can’t stop focusing on it.

As much as you try to control or avoid it, the anxiety isn’t going away….

It may even be getting worse. Do you ever find yourself “worrying about worrying”?

It’s a never-ending cycle that seems to feed on itself.

It doesn’t have to be this way. It’s possible to confidently manage your anxiety.

Anxiety counseling  at the Salt Lake Relationship Center teaches you the skills you need to more confidently cope with your worries. We all experience anxiety in some form, but when you are prone to worrying, your thoughts can become debilitating. We can help you step out of your head and start living the life you truly want.

With the collaborative support of your counselor, you can understand what thoughts, feelings and behaviors are useful for you, and which are dragging you down. It’s a place where you get to pause each week and gently look at what really matters to you. This allows you to take true control of your life in a way you never thought possible.

Instead of feeling stuck and overwhelmed, the supportive guidance of your therapist will help you find a path out of the darkness. You can make choices you feel good about, that you know will lead you to a more meaningful life.

Let’s find a new path – together.

Are you tired of floating along in a state of overwhelm and just getting by?

It’s time for this to change. To live with meaning and purpose. To be worry free! Start yourself on the path of peace and happiness – call now to schedule your counseling appointment.