Maybe I can talk…. But only if you’re nice to me!

In my last post I discussed the fact that many people in close long-term relationships may have difficulty opening up about difficult topics – those topics that are potentially controversial, vulnerable, scary, or hurtful. I left you with the idea that having empathy for your partner about the difficulty of discussing certain topics is key…. Read More

I can’t talk about that!

Do you ever find that there are certain topics that you avoid talking about with your partner? Or maybe you feel there are some things that are too personal or vulnerable to be revealed. Maybe you’ve even flat out lied to your partner so that you don’t have to talk. Take a minute to think… Read More


Today is the launch of the new website and blog of the Salt Lake Relationship Center! The Center is devoted to providing you with a safe space to get reconnected with yourself, those you care about, and back on track with the life you once imagined you were going to have. Check back here frequently… Read More