Sooooooo many problems!!!! How do we solve them??

How to Communicate When Your Partner Sees the Problem Differently “Don’t worry! I’ve got the solution right here – all you have to do is stop worrying about how I lied to you and you’ll feel better. I promise I’ll never do it again. You just forget about it and the problem will go away!… Read More

Superman is here to save the day!!!!

Why Men and Women Struggle With Different Problem-Solving Styles Is your husband a problem solver? Is your boyfriend a super duper fix-it man? Or maybe it’s your wife who’s the fixer-upper in the relationship? It is very normal for one person in a relationship to be relatively better at solving problems – especially concrete, logical problems… Read More

I’m Curious About You….

Why Increasing Curiosity in Your Relationship Leads to More Intimacy Do you know what your boyfriend was thinking about while he was eating lunch today? How he was feeling while he chewed on his sandwich? Do you know the guy who your wife talked to while she was at work today? And whether or not this… Read More

Can You Dance on the Edge of Love and Rejection?

How your willingness to be vulnerable can make or break your relationship I sometimes think of love and deep relationships as a type of dance. You waltz around your partner, feeling graceful, waiting for the right moment to lean in, hoping (praying???) that she is on the same page, ready to meet you. Life is… Read More