Your Love Makes You Mean

Have you ever noticed that your worst self tends to come out in your romantic relationship? I know it happens to me. Recently I was feeling mad at my mom, but was having trouble talking to her about it. So what did I do? I took it out on my wife! I was grumpy, irritable,… Read More

Stop Trying to Live in the Relationship Past

We all know the beginning of a relationship feels FANTASTIC! There really is nothing else like it…. But when the going gets rough many of us start yearning for the relationship past, wondering why things aren’t like they were in the beginning. The fact is, they never will be. You may have an exciting day… Read More

What Will it Be – Your Phone or Your Marriage?

Stop Digital Media from Ruining Your Relationship Last week I dragged my 14 yo daughter and 11 yo son to an excellent film: “Screenagers“. The documentary focused on the different ways kids are exposed to all types of digital media through “screens,” from computers at school, phones, social media, video games, and television. My daughter… Read More