What Will it Be – Your Phone or Your Marriage?

Stop Digital Media from Ruining Your Relationship Last week I dragged my 14 yo daughter and 11 yo son to an excellent film: “Screenagers“. The documentary focused on the different ways kids are exposed to all types of digital media through “screens,” from computers at school, phones, social media, video games, and television. My daughter… Read More

Taking the Romance out of Valentine’s Day

How to Take the Pressure Off Your Relationship and Connect Year Round You walk into your bedroom and the lights are low, candles are are flickering gently all around the room, the space is clean and fresh and somehow smells AMAZING!!!! Then you look over to the bed…… It’s covered in rose petals! And on… Read More

My Wife Turned into a Monster!!

How to Defuse Emotional Conflict Through Taking Responsibility for your Actions It was a creepy Halloween night with a cool mist swirling outside in the dark, the full moon hidden behind the clouds…….. Inside was chaos, the kids running around excitedly trying to get their costumes ready for trick or treating. My oldest daughter was… Read More

Where did the Love Go?

How to Manage Loss of Passion in Your Relationship Do you remember your first kiss? How about the first time you made love? What about when you did these things with your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend? Do you remember what it was like when you COULDN’T KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF HIM? The excitement of touching… Read More

Sooooooo many problems!!!! How do we solve them??

How to Communicate When Your Partner Sees the Problem Differently “Don’t worry! I’ve got the solution right here – all you have to do is stop worrying about how I lied to you and you’ll feel better. I promise I’ll never do it again. You just forget about it and the problem will go away!… Read More