Speaking Event: How to Connect With Your Kids During Divorce

Dr. Brigg Noyes from the Salt Lake Relationship Center is leading a discussion-style presentation on Monday, May 4, 2015 that is focused on helping you learn how to best support and connect with your children through the major life transition of divorce. This event is being hosted through Salt Lake City’s Surviving Divorce group…. Read More

She’ll Never Understand Me!

One of the things that leads to the most amounts of distance, hurt, and anger in a relationship is lack of empathy, and it is one of the primary issues that this counseling center focuses on in marriage therapy and couples counseling. In the early stages of romance, we are so enthralled and in tune… Read More

He Didn’t Kiss Me Today – He Must Not Love Me!

Continuing with my posts on the most frequent problems I see in relationships, today I’m going to focus on how couples tend to assume that their partner’s behaviors mean one thing (usually something negative!), when it is usually almost always a result of something else. This issue most frequently comes up around behaviors that lead… Read More

“She’s Acting Like Such A _______!”

Now be honest, have you ever had a thought like this run through your head? Or maybe you’ve  even said something like this (or worse) out loud to him or someone else: “why does he have to act like such a _______ ?” Today I’m going to continue my series of posts of the most… Read More