Hey everyone! I found this cool website that can help you pick a movie that you’ll BOTH like! This may seem like a small issue, but you would be amazed how many couples in therapy mention this as a problem: “we can’t agree on what to watch so we just do things separately.” I know it’s hard to compromise (there’s that word again!), but finding things that everyone can enjoy, even when you’re “zoning out” is an important part of connection. I like this website because not only does it give you lots of ideas on what to watch, but it also tells you where you can watch it.

It’s not a perfect system, but I tried it out with two movies that are VERY different, and here’s what happened:


The suggestions I got back were several James Bond movies, a BUNCH of others, plus these three gems that I had forgotten all about:

It’s an interesting service. The things we can do these days!!! Try it out and see what you think. It may be THE TOOL that changes date night!

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