Recently I ran across a great video that does an excellent job of describing how psychotherapy works. I wish I could take credit for creating it, but alas……. at least I can share!

I love it because it briefly lays out in a fun way what it’s like to come into therapy, why it works, and how you will benefit from it. Plus, the creators’ description of “psychotherapy” totally nails how we work here at the Salt Lake Relationship Center. If, after watching, you think you might like to explore counseling, consider scheduling with one of our therapists.

The video touches on several important points, but as you’re watching, I encourage you to especially pay attention to the following:

Minute 1:40 – Psychotherapy requires active engagement and sustained effort

So true! It would be nice if therapy was always fun and easy. However, like anything in life that is meaningful, psychotherapy takes time and often involves emotional work. You will be encouraged to play an active role in making change in your life. Because if you don’t work to make change, who will?

Minute 3:10 – Psychotherapy provides you with a safe space where you can say whatever comes into your head

When you openly talk about your secrets or subconscious wounds, it gives you an opportunity to heal. Your therapist plays a key role in this process because he/she provides the safe space to accept and understand you unconditionally.

Minute 4:36 – Psychotherapy is a controlled experiment that teaches you to observe yourself

When you are able to clearly observe your own feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, you can make different (better!) choices for yourself in your life.

Minute 5:41 – The therapist is experienced as the first truly reliable person you’ve encountered

Your positive relationship with your therapist is the foundation of having a great experience in therapy. It gives you a model for what good relationships in general look like and provides you with a chance to positively interact in a safe way.

And without further ado….

Hope you enjoy the video! If you’re feeling ready for psychotherapy yourself please schedule here today or contact us with any questions or comments.