Individual Counseling

Holding it together on the outside – but you can’t hide from yourself

Would others be shocked to find out you’re seeking counseling?

On the outside, everything appears together, but inside you’re falling apart. Successful in your job and get along with people – but at any moment someone is going to find out what you believe is true:

You’re not as great as everybody thinks you are.

In fact, underneath it all, you’re hiding anxiety, shame, or depression. You are a mess, like you don’t deserve what you have. You’ve worked hard to do all the “right” things in life – and you know rationally you’re outwardly successful.

But deep down, something is off.

In the past, you’ve always been able to put your head down and just keep working harder to make things feel better. This has always worked for you, so why isn’t it working now?

You can only do so much…

Maybe you’ve reached such a point of stress and worry that you’ve found yourself covering things up with behaviors you’re not proud of: drinking excessively, exercising too much, yelling at your kids, or even an affair.

This is an exhausting and unsustainable way to live!

It’s okay.

NO ONE can do it all, and none of us has a 100% “easy” life – despite what it may seem when you look around you.

We’re glad you’re here, trying something new, getting help. Individual counseling is a way to collaboratively explore what is making you unhappy and take concrete steps toward living the life you really want.

It’s HARD to Live a Life of Peace and Happiness

Our society constantly pushes us to be bigger, better, richer, and more beautiful. And we all buy into it!

Our families and friends buy into it. Our work, churches and social groups buy into it. Even our spouses buy into it. There’s no escaping the relentless pressure.

We grow up feeling that to be “good enough” or accepted we must be successful – smart, wealthy, beautiful, skinny, devout, kind, etc. But this sets us on a never-ending treadmill of trying to reach some pinnacle of achievement. And once we reach it, we are off looking for the next thing.

Social media, Internet, and TV don’t help, as they’re constantly showing us something new and better, making us feel badly about what we don’t have or what we’re missing out on.

Then your own head gets involved, and the problems really start! The negative thoughts, the self-critical voice, and perfectionism. Follow this up with worry about what others are thinking of you or how you performed – it is easy to get weighed down.

This pressure is normal – we all experience it in some form. But it makes it hard to enjoy things. It’s difficult to appreciate the process. To just savor your life.

What if there was a different way?

Learn to REALLY LIVE – Individual Counseling can Show You How

Do you remember when you were young and carefree? You danced, laughed, shouted, and made messes without worrying whether you were doing something wrong.

We were all that way at some point in our lives, even if it was so long ago you can’t remember. Maybe you’ve even seen glimpses of these parts of you throughout your life when you’ve felt particularly at peace or happy doing something you love. This is the GENUINE YOU!

When did life stop being fun?

If you were taught there were major negative consequences for being the true you, then OF COURSE you learned to suppress, hide, and punish those parts of yourself.

One of the major things you will learn in individual therapy is figuring out what parts of you are not fully realized. Then you and your therapist will collaboratively develop a plan for bringing them back out again!

In individual counseling, the goal is to support you in learning to be your genuine self. You learn to take control of your life, so you can reach accomplishments you are TRULY proud of. That way you come to live according to your passions, rather than just your responsibilities.

The more you are yourself, the more you will come to love yourself. This creates a naturally reinforcing process where others love and respect you as well.

You have confidence in yourself, leading you to not worry as much what others think of you. This results in more supportive and positive relationships!

It’s time to take control of your life

Learn the skills you need to effectively manage hopelessness and overwhelm. Stop focusing on others and always doing exactly what you’re supposed to do.

Make yourself the priority!

Take the steps to find yourself and move into a genuine life. Schedule your appointment today!