Infertility Counseling for Couples

Why us?

You’re trying to maintain hope through one of the most heartbreaking and painful experiences you’ve ever faced, but you feel so alone.

Friends and family are tiptoeing around you – they’ve stopped asking if you’re pregnant, wondering how your infertility treatments are going. Frankly, you’re relieved because people don’t get it (really, how could they?). But still, you’re left isolated, unable to talk to anyone about your experience.

It hurts so much, like a loss I can’t escape.

You’ve dreamed of the type of parent you’ll be, pictured your ideal family. But each negative pregnancy test is a punch to the gut. Now your sex life resembles a laboratory experiment, and you’re having trouble even communicating in a supportive way. You’ve built up defenses to the ever-deepening loss you face, but there are constant reminders the grief is real – and it runs deep.

My life feels so out of control. I just want to feel happy again.

We want you to know you’re NOT ALONE. And you don’t need to suffer like this anymore. No matter how much pain infertility has caused in your life, you can survive. You CAN learn new, more effective ways of living. Ways that lead you to feel confident about yourself, satisfied in your marriage, and more present in your life.

Infertility Couples Counseling Supports You in Living a More Fulfilled Life

You never thought becoming a parent would be so hard. No one sat you down and said, “Now, when you have trouble conceiving, it will be BEYOND difficult. But this is how you handle it…” No. Despite infertility being a relatively common issue in the U.S. (9% of all men and 12% of all women experience problems), you’re left to navigate these stormy waters alone.

Infertility is an isolating experience because the more you long to have a child, the more it seems everyone around you is becoming pregnant, popping out babies, and enjoying raising their own children.

It’s hard to be happy for others when you are feeling so sad yourself. And then you wonder, “What kind of person am I that I can’t be excited for my friend getting pregnant?”

You’re NORMAL. It’s okay to be sad.

Infertility places you in a prolonged state of unresolved grief. It’s hard to cope with life when you’re grieving, no matter the cause because everything loses meaning. Infertility is its own unique brand of grief because it’s defined by roller coaster highs of hope that “this time it will work” and lows of failure and bitterness when another try falls through.

But there is hope. You don’t need to KEEP feeling so rotten.

Infertility counseling for couples allows you to explore loss and deeply understand how it’s impacting your life. Your therapist gives you the support you need to accept your feelings and experience are normal. You will collaboratively develop tools to confidently address your infertility, leading you to feel more at peace and in control of your life.

Rediscover Your Meaningful Life

Infertility is a heavy burden to bear, but you don’t have to go through it alone. We will support you in whatever your parenthood goals look like – but in a way you feel more confident and in control. To live your life NOW, instead of waiting, worrying, obsessing about the outcome you hope will happen one day.

You deserve a life more satisfying than a roller coaster ride filled with never-ending plummets of fear, anger, and pain. It’s time to thrive instead of barely survive. Take the next steps to learn the skills you need to feel more confident in yourself and in your relationship. Schedule your infertility couples counseling appointment today.