Relationship Counseling

“I’m no good at relationships.”

“I’m a loser.”

“People think I’m weird and awkward.”

“No one is ever going to be attracted to me.”

“I’m not good enough.”

Admit it. You’ve had thoughts like this before. Maybe you even have thoughts like this EVERY DAY. You may not even notice them most of the time, but these thoughts are doing a number on your ability to have positive relationships.

Even if you don’t rationally buy into these thoughts, some subconscious part of you is a believer – every time they come up you are faced with a fear of being the authentic YOU.

What if he doesn’t like me?
What if she makes fun of me?
What if I make a fool of myself?

Underneath all of this is an even bigger fear: “I don’t deserve to be the real me.”

Wow – it’s better to be safe, protect yourself from criticism and rejection if THAT’s what’s hiding inside…

But at what cost? And is it worth it?

At the Salt Lake Relationship Center, we believe you deserve more. You are here because you long to connect genuinely, but maybe don’t know exactly how.

It’s time to stop floating through life and have relationships that matter. However, we know that in our busy, fast-paced world, having close relationships takes effort. It’s a lot easier to scroll through your Facebook and Instagram feeds than it is to set up a time to call or get together with someone you care about. And that doesn’t even begin to address how to have meaningful interaction when you are with someone face-to-face!

It Takes Vulnerability and Bravery to have Meaningful Relationships

We often feel clumsy and alone when trying to connect with those who matter. And it’s so easy to fall into old behavior patterns – humor, chit chat, drinking, losing yourself in your phone, overworking – that prevent you from really talking about anything of substance.

But developing significant relationships requires you to step forward and BE PRESENT with yourself and others. To move through fear and be your authentic self. To let go of hang-ups you might not even know you have.

Interacting with openness and vulnerability is a challenging skill to learn, but one that comes with deep rewards. You will come to know and appreciate yourself in ways you never have before.

You will learn how to be PROUD of your relationship skills, rather than worry constantly about what others think of you. You will KNOW what your intimacy and connection needs are and be able to recognize clearly whether others are able to meet these. This moves you from a place of desperation to trust in yourself.

Relationship Counseling Gives You Confidence

Relationship counseling is a process where you learn the confidence and skills you need to KNOW you are worthwhile and deserve to be treated well. It teaches you how to identify what you need from others, so you can clearly discern between healthy and unhealthy relationships. This gives you the confidence to either create needed boundaries for those people who are not treating you well or attract healthy relationships into your life.

Having positive, meaningful relationships is a foundation of living a satisfying life. Whether you are struggling with friends, family, coworkers, or romantically, improving your ability to interact will give you the self-assurance you desire. Overall, as you come to trust in and love yourself, others will, too.

It’s time to step away from fear and grab hold of the profound connections you truly want for yourself. Find your confident, authentic self – schedule relationship counseling today.