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Salt Lake City Couples Counseling

Feeling Like You’re Just Roommates?

Are you walking on eggshells, wondering what the next thing is that will set your partner off? Feeling like you can’t say or do anything right?

How did things get to this place?

You want to feel close and connected, to share your hopes and dreams. A great physical relationship would be nice. You want to be able to communicate without it turning into a conflict.

Why is it so hard?

It doesn’t have to be this way. There is hope to turn things around.

Couples counseling at the Salt Lake Relationship Center teaches you the tools you need to reconnect with your partner.

With the help of a supportive and collaborative counselor, you will learn how to talk safely and openly. Couples counseling is focused on helping you deeply understand yourself, your partner, and your relationship dynamics so you can make better choices about how best to support each other. This leads to each of you feeling more cared for and connected. Love and warmth replace distance and resentment.

Step forward together.

Are you ready to make changes to have a healthy and happy relationship? Does feeling safe and connected sound like something you want to work toward? If so, call now to schedule your appointment.