Sex Therapy

Where’s the fun?

Sex is supposed to be FUN! Exciting. Passionate. Connecting. You want to be able to lose yourself. Feel true pleasure.

So why are so many unfun thoughts lurking around your bedroom?

  • We’re not having enough sex.
  • I feel so much pressure to have more sex.
  • Our love life has become mechanical and stale.
  • I don’t feel attractive or sexy anymore.
  • I have a bad history around sex so I just avoid the whole thing if I can.
  • I’m always so WORRIED – it won’t be good, I’m doing something wrong, my spouse is bored…
  • I can’t even orgasm, so why bother?
  • I think we’re just sexually incompatible.
  • Something’s wrong with me – I’m not normal.

Afraid of sex

How has something with so much possibility for joy and connection turned into a source of pain and frustration?

Why have you become afraid of sex? Afraid of yourself? Afraid of each other?

It should be easy – you care about each other and want to be close and connected. Yet it’s not. Something always gets in the way. Whether it’s exhaustion, the kids, boredom, relationship conflict, personal issues, or one of a hundred other reasons, you’re left unfulfilled.

It’s time to get out of your rut. Feeling comfortable in your body to receive and give sexual pleasure is one of the true joys in life. We want you to discover your genuine erotic and sexual self. To figure out what you truly desire and learn to confidently express it.

You weren’t taught how to have great sex

We’re barraged with messages that show us sex should happen spontaneously, and you should look great and have mind-blowing orgasms every time. The hot pictures, deep moaning, and effortless passion may all look nice, but it doesn’t really HELP much. In fact, it just sets us up to fail.

Because rarely do we talk about the realities of how bodies and sex work:

  • What’s the best way to initiate?
  • How do I talk about my fantasies?
  • Do I stop if something is uncomfortable, but he seems really into it?
  • I’m very much “in my head” during sex – what do I do about that?
  • Are the smells my body produces normal? I’m grossed out.
  • I’m too embarrassed to talk about sex.
  • Is it normal to just not want to have sex? Then what?

Sex is this weird thing because most of us are having it (or at least have had it!), but very few of us were given the knowledge we need to feel truly confident in this area.

We just go out there and wing it! We assume we know what we’re doing and hope our partner does, too. If it feels good – GREAT! But when issues crop up, our low sex IQ becomes a glaring missing piece in our relationship skills.

Sex therapy gives you the tools to create the intimate relationship you want

This is where sex therapy comes in – it provides you the education you need to know what’s what with sex. It shows you what’s normal (spoiler alert: ALL your sexual desires, body parts, and thoughts are normal!).

Sex therapy teaches you concrete skills to relate to your own body and partner differently. It helps you gain confidence in talking openly about your desires – what you like and don’t like. It supports you in working through sticky issues like deciding how frequently you should be having sex.

Most importantly, sex therapy is a way for you to learn who you REALLY ARE as a fully actualized sexually healthy individual. If having your toes sucked while you play with a vibrator sends you into waves of ecstasy, you will be able to confidently say to your partner, “Yes, that is my thing. Would you be willing to do that for me?” Without a trace of embarrassment or shame.

You deserve to have a sex life filled with joy and pleasure. To be able to relate to yourself and your sexual partner from a place of desire, excitement, and sensuality.

Sex therapy is a way for you to learn how to identify, communicate about, and carry out what you truly want for yourself in your physical relationship. It gives you the skills you need to work through conflicts about mismatched desire and compatibility. It’s time to live the connected sexual life you desire. Schedule your sex therapy appointment today.