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Difficult Roads Lead To Beautiful Destinations

How Psychotherapy Works

Recently I ran across a great video that does an excellent job of describing how psychotherapy works. I wish I could take credit for creating it, but alas....... at least I can share! I love it because it briefly lays…

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Girl Being Rude By Sticking Out Tongue

Your Love Makes You Mean

Have you ever noticed that your worst self tends to come out in your romantic relationship? I know it happens to me. Recently I was feeling mad at my mom, but was having trouble talking to her about it. So…

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Stop Trying to Live in the Relationship Past

We all know the beginning of a relationship feels FANTASTIC! There really is nothing else like it.... But when the going gets rough many of us start yearning for the relationship past, wondering why things aren't like they were in…

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The Emotional Beast Comes Out

My Wife Turned into a Monster!!

How to Defuse Emotional Conflict Through Taking Responsibility for your Actions It was a creepy Halloween night with a cool mist swirling outside in the dark, the full moon hidden behind the clouds........ Inside was chaos, the kids running around…

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Sad Woman Loses Passion In Relationship

Where did the Love Go?

How to Manage Loss of Passion in Your Relationship Do you remember your first kiss? How about the first time you made love? What about when you did these things with your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend? Do you remember what…

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Superman is here to save the day!!!!

Why Men and Women Struggle With Different Problem-Solving Styles Is your husband a problem solver? Is your boyfriend a super duper fix-it man? Or maybe it's your wife who's the fixer-upper in the relationship? It is very normal for one person…

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Curious Cat

I’m Curious About You….

Why Increasing Curiosity in Your Relationship Leads to More Intimacy Do you know what your boyfriend was thinking about while he was eating lunch today? How he was feeling while he chewed on his sandwich? Do you know the guy who…

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Fighting Mad Bulls

“Aaaaargghh! I’m SO pissed!”

Why getting mad at your partner is normal and how to successfully navigate anger. "I can't believe you did that!" "I can't believe you SAID that!" "I can't stand the sight of you right now!" "I don't want to talk to…

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