Going Through a Rough Divorce?
Want to Feel Better?
Join Us!

Date:          April 7, 2016

Time:         6:00-7:30 PM

Place:        Marmalade Library  280 W 500 N, SLC

The end of a marriage is almost always difficult, even in the best of circumstances: feelings of sadness, loss, anger, confusion, fear, and hurt are common, if not universal. However, all too frequently, reactions can be much worse: vindictiveness, cruelty, or even hatred.

This discussion-style presentation will help you learn ways to leave your marriage with more integrity and feeling okay about who YOU are, even if you are still mourning the loss of the relationship or feeling angry at your ex. We will focus on things like:

1. Feeling more at peace by focusing only on yourself and the things you can control
2. Ways to let go of the past and move forward into the future
3. Learning how to be comfortable being your true self, even if others don’t like it
4. How to identify and focus on what you really WANT
5. Taking ACTION in your life as a way to make real change

If you are feeling “stuck” in your divorce and are ready to move forward and get on with your life, this presentation is for you! Or if you are looking for ideas on how to divorce with less conflict, pain, and anger, please join us.

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