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Take a look to learn who we are Our staff all place a priority on finding connection with yourself and others in their work, but each have different areas of specialty. Please explore their bios below to learn more about them.

Brigg Noyes, PhD, marriage counselor

Brigg Noyes, Ph.D.

When I think about why I opened a relationship center, I find myself envisioning the powerful interactions and people who have shaped me into the person I am today: Being an introverted and cautious child who…

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Jennette Stone, LCSW

Jennette Stone, LCSW

I once had an employer describe me as “Mother Theresa who belly dances.” I have the ability to be heart focused, gentle, loving and compassionate, but at the same time…

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Porter Macey, LMFTA

Porter Macey, AMFT

I never wanted a lot of friends. I was always more interested in closeness and connection with the few friends I had. Because I nurtured these relationships, I was often…

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